Appointments and Contact :

To arrange an appointment with Mr Saeed Please ask your GP or optician to write to Mr Saeed’s secretary.

She can be reached at Ashtead hospital @ secretaries office.
Her telephone numbers are       01372-275161 option 2.

She can also be reached at

You may also e mail           


 General Practioner involvement

Your GP should write to Mr Saeed, specifying you need a private appointment at one of the venues.

We would appreciate a letter from the GP and optician who may send us relevant clinical information to Mr Saeed. This usually helps planning treatment.

We usually send a letter regarding your outpatient appointment and any treatment to your GP. This information may be sent by email.

We also send a letter to your optician as a matter of routine by email if your optician has given us his or her e mail. We keep a database of local opticians and their correspondence details. Please let us know if you do not want us to send such information.

Where to be seen

Mr Saeed has practising privileges in the following hospitals and can see patients according to your convenience

Royal Liverpool University Hospital , Liverpool (NHS and private)

Ashtead hospital , The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey (NHS and Private)

Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital, Cheam, Surrey (Private)

Cadogan Clinic , Sloane Square, London (Private only)


All payments are made to London eye doctors Limited.

Please make cheques payable to London eye doctors Limited

An initial consultation can be booked for £195.

A follow up consultation can be booked for £150.

This can be paid by cheque, BACS or by internet banking. Ask Mr Saeed’s secretary for banking details.

Please note any investigation performed is chargeable separately and may contain 2 separate charges.

For example an Ocular Coherence tomography will have a fee of £100. A separate fee is charged.

Scans and other tests may attract other charges. A portion of these charges may be charged by the private hospital.

For Surgical procedures self pay packages are also available. Unfortunately due to different charges and different service structures of private hospitals the fees are variable.

Approximate figures for commonly performed procedures are given below. These are all inclusive; hospital charges for the surgical procedure and includes hospital charges, anaesthetist charges and surgeon charges are included. There may be a difference of approximately £100- 200 depending on the hospital you choose for the treatment.

Cataract surgery with premium lens 

Cataract surgery with a lens implant 

Retinal laser treatment

YAG laser capsulotomy treatment

YAG laser iridotomy

Incision and curettage of Chalazion

Removal of minor lid lesions / lumps and bumps

£3000 to £3500 ( depends on lens type) 

£2500 to £3000 (all inclusive) 

£599 (all inclusive)

£599 (all inclusive)

£599 (all inclusive)

£450 (all inclusive)


Please note that these are all approximate total charges for the procedure. The major portion of these charges are the hospital charges. You may be asked to pay the hospital charges separately and doctor’s charges separately.

Private hospitals have different policies regarding charges and have different inclusions and exclusions. Therefore there are different charges for different hospitals. Ask Mr Saeed’s secretary for an accurate quote.

Self pay patients

We encourage people with self-pay packages and many patients will get free consultations if a package treatment is chosen. *(Not applicable on procedures which include a hospital based investigation)

Self-pay packages also reduce the hassle of calling up insurance companies for pre-approval for consultation and paying excess or extra top up charges when the insurance companies refuse to pay the full fee of the doctor.

Sometimes these scans can be done at your local optician’s facility and the scans can be forwarded to Mr Saeed for interpretation. Please ask if this is possible as it may be more convenient for you.

Insured patients

Mr Saeed treats patients with the following insurance companies

BUPA, WPA, AVIVA, AXA-PPP, CIGNA, Prudential health, Vitality health, Simply health

If your company is not on this list, please enquire and we will be able to make arrangements with your insurance company.

Please ensure the appropriate paper work concerning your insurance is complete including pre-authorisation when required. The level of insurance cover chosen by many patients may vary considerably. This may not always be comprehensive and may or may not cover all fees. In these cases, the policyholders have an element of shared responsibility and may be personally liable for a significant proportions of fees charged.

Some insurance companies will not pay for investigations or will not pay the full fee. In these cases you may be charged a shortfall. Ask Mr Saeed’s secretary if any charges are expected.