Mr Usman Saeed (B.Sc, MBBS, FRCS, FRCOphth)

Specialities: Cataract Surgery, Retinal Diseases, AMD,  Diabetic Retinal Disorders

Mr Usman Saeed is a consultant eye surgeon working in south west London. He practices general ophthalmology and conditions including lid conditions, corneal conditions, inflammatory eye diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal conditions including laser treatment for retinal and post cataract conditions.   Mr Saeed is an expert in Cataract surgery, laser treatments, retinal disorders and retinal conditions like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and uveitis (inflammatory eye conditions).

He is on the specialist register of the General Medical Council, UK. Mr Saeed completed his higher surgical training in Ophthalmology at St. Paul’s Eye Unit Liverpool. He passed the necessary examinations to become the Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of London in 2010. He also satisfied the examiners at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and was admitted as a fellow, after passing the necessary examinations in 2010.

Mr Saeed is active in research and has 35 + peer reviewed publications in scientific and ophthalmic journals. Mr Saeed has presented his research at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists annual congresses, American Society of cataract and refractive surgery, World Ophthalmology congress, European society of cataract and refractive surgery and Pakistan society of cataract and refractive surgery. He has been an invited speaker at IONA and has presented his work at national and international forums. Mr Saeed is a reviewer of many international peer reviewed journals and is hence at the forefront of evolving medical techniques and technology.

Mr. Saeed is a NHS Consultant Ophthalmologist & eye surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Previously he  worked at St. Helier, Sutton and Epsom Hospitals in London and Surrey, UK as a substantive consultant.

Member European society of Cataract and Refractive surgery 2014
Member European Society of Retina ( EU retina) 2014
Certificate of completion of training, GMC, UK  2010
FRCS (Ed) 2010
FRCOphth 2010
MRCS (Ed) 2005
 MRCOphth 2004
 MBBS  1997
 BSc  1993
Mr Saeed uses electronic patient records. This means that information and letter to your GP can be generated very quickly, thereby minimising any delays in communication.

Mr Saeed currently uses “Ophthalmology Suite” created by Mr Hamid Raza.

The latest version of this software was unveiled at the 2015 Royal College of Ophthalmology Annual Congress.

The EPR generates patient notes, discharge letters, letters to the GP and performs other administrative functions.

We support cardiac eye foundation. This is a charitable, institutions supporting affordable cardiac surgery in Pakistan by Professor Maqsood Elahi FRCS.

This year Mr Saeed delivered a series of lectures in Pakistan regarding modern ophthalmology and promoting ophthalmic research in Pakistan. Venues included Services hospital, Lahore and LRBT Eye hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

The efficiency and professionalism at the LRBT Eye hospital in Lahore was been exceptional. Dr. Usman Saeed is proud to be associated with this institution.

Mr Saeed will be delivering a lecture at Gatwick Park Hotel on 11th October.
Title of the talk is “Modern management of retinal vein occlusions ; Audited results of Ozurdex treatment” – Audience: Ophthalmologists – SW Deanery Trainees and Consultants

Mr Saeed will be delivering a lecture at Spire St. Anthony Hospital Cheam on 12th October 2016.
Title of the talk is “Serious Eye diseases”. Audience General Practioners & Allied specialities

Mr Saeed will be delivered lectures to optometrists in Kingston 26th October 2016.
Title of the talk is “Introducing the wet AMD service”. Audience Local Optometrists and opticians

Mr Saeed delivered a lecture on cataract surgery in Uveitis In London 2018

Mr Saeed will also be delivering 3 lectures at Annual Lahore Ophthalmo 2019 on invitation of Pakistan Society of Ophthalmologists in 6-8 December